Market it without "marketing it" with Noah Bragg

Noah Bragg is the founder and maker of Potion, a website builder that turns Notion pages into a website within minutes. Matthias and Noah talk about how Noah managed to find his own successful style of marketing, although he says that marketing "is not necessarily his strong suit".

This is something we can learn from as introverts to whom marketing does not come naturally. The key points in this podcast interview:

06:19 The early days: Building in public with daily 2-minute videos on Twitter
13:29 Next move: SEO to become independent of Twitter
14:25 Third channel: Noah created an affiliate program for Potion
17:19 SEO takes time to become powerful
21:13 An indie hacker to learn SEO from
23:12 Noah and the consistency of producing content
26:02 Marketing routines, or not?
28:39 Surprise when something goes viral
30:40 Watching your audience in the wild
35:09 Sales Safari = observing the "watering holes" where your audience hangs out
39:06 The future of Potion
43:58 Parting words

Twitter: @noahwbragg

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Creators and Guests

Matthias Bohlen
Matthias Bohlen
Startup founder, bootstrapping 🚀
Noah Bragg 🧪
Noah Bragg 🧪
Founder and maker of @potion_so, building it in public. Co-host of @pjourneypod.
Market it without "marketing it" with Noah Bragg
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