Systematize Your Marketing with Fab Giovanetti

Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning author, entrepreneur and marketing consultant helping busy professionals reclaim their time. She is also the CEO and head teacher of Alt Marketing School, supporting people making a positive impact through their marketing.

She lives what it says on her T-shirt: "Market to Hearts!"

In this episode, she talks about marketing systems, i.e. sets of procedures that have defined inputs, a step-by-step recipe, and some outputs. Such marketing systems can make marketing a lot easier for a busy solopreneur or other reluctant marketer.

Listen to the examples she gives, and to her explanations why they work. Fascinating and fun!


02:41 Make marketing less pushy but more human
06:58 What do marketing students want to learn?
09:22 What is a marketing system?
13:26 How to make a first marketing system
17:00 Use Tiago Forte's PARA method to help with systems design
20:19 Helping your future self by writing it down
23:22 Build a marketing experiment dashboard
28:13 When marketing experiments fail, how do you find out the root cause?
34:22 The importance of starting out simple
36:54 In your marketing school, how do recognize success in your students?
39:30 Where to learn more



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Systematize Your Marketing with Fab Giovanetti
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