What a Reluctant Marketer can learn from a Pro Drummer

In this episode, I've got a marketing tip for you (a good one if you've got other things to do besides marketing).

The tip I have helps you...
- to get greater visibility for your product or service,
- to reach more people with almost the same amount of writing as before.

Let's look at a master drummer Rob 'Beatdown' Brown and what he does to save time and energy on exercising. As solopreneur marketers, we can learn from that and become more effective and efficient in our marketing.


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Many thanks to Rob Brown, for his amazing video that inspired me to make this one: "5 Slick & Easy Fills For 'Just OK' Drummers". Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDj6GFJrg08

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Matthias Bohlen
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What a Reluctant Marketer can learn from a Pro Drummer
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